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Soooooooo this is what the final season will be like. Ugh just show us our viking already!

True Blood final season teaser. Doesn’t reveal anything except a premiere date June 22.

Biggest Disappointments and Worst of 2013 TV

I'm going to spoil the shit out of Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, and the ending of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Stop reading if you have not read or seen the latest of these. 

1. Tara of Sons of Anarchy

Most readers of TVline agree that Tara got the worst conclusion in television this year. Tara was the last character to root for and the one I wanted to live. I still don’t agree with how she died. It was set up way too easily. Unser just leaves out his keys perfectly out for Gemma to take and kill Tara. WTF? Also Unser tells Gemma that Tara ratted out the club before there was even evidence. I’m so disappointed in Unser. It’s like he wanted Tara to die. Tara’s death was a huge disappointment and the most traumatic moment this year.

2. Ending of True Blood Season 6

Remember in the season 2 finale when the writers left out Eric the whole episode except for that one scene with the queen. That was a huge disappointment. Well the season 6 finale was way worse and utter shit. 

Warlow was such an intriguing character the first half of the season and then the writers decide to kill him in a way too uneventful death. Then after that they decide to make Sam mayor, Sookie hooks up with Alcide, Arlene buys Merlottes, and Eric get’s one tiny scene the whole episode.

WTF?! Then the writers try to push a Bill, Sookie, and Alcide love triangle. Have they completely forgot about season four? For fucks sake no one is excited about season seven. Ugh. Don’t get me started on the new love interest for Eric next season.

3.  Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

Yes I know writers feel the need to want to end a book series the way they want it to end, but if you want to do that you want to compromise with your readers. I think a writer can’t be a true writer without their readers.

Charlaine Harris really put a steak through the heart of all her readers by having Eric marrying the queen of Oklahoma. I still don’t feel satisfied with the ending because it felt way too rushed. Dead Ever After and even Deadlocked felt like Charlaine Harris was tired of writing this beloved series and just wanted to end it whatever way possible. 

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Best of 2013 coming up! It’s way more cheerful I promise.

Shit Buckner is going to fuck up the last season!

Should True Blood Season 7 be the last season?

Yes I do believe it should be the last. After reading all the interviews with Brian Buckner and his bullshit about the Bill/Alcide/Sookie triangle, I think Buckner should end it. The last two season Eric and Sookie had very few scenes together and it looks like Buckner isn’t trying to reunite the beloved couple.  

A decision about the future of the vampire drama — specifically whether Season 7 will be the show’s last — will likely be decided in the coming weeks, according to showrunner Brian Buckner.

Christ I bet fans who write fan fiction could have written the finale of season 6 a million times better. The ending of Warlow was so disappointing. I’m hoping next season they at least consider following the book which they probably won’t. I really liked Altogether Dead.

Read more in the link! What do you trubies think?

NOOO I don’t want a Sookie/Alcide/Bill love triangle UGH



What the fuck was that True Blood writers?!!! You make Eric naked for less than a minute and then decide to burn him. Next you decide to not have him in the entire episode? Not good true blood writers! I’m extremely disappointed. We don’t even know if he’s dead or not! UGH!!!!!!

Also all of a sudden Sam Merlotte is mayor? Sookie ended up with Alcide? Merlotte’s Bar and Grill is now Bellefleur’s bar and grill? What’s up with the all of sudden randomness?

What was up with the ending? Were they like vampire zombies or just vampires that need to feed?

Warlow is officially out of the picture but unfortunately Bill is back in Sookie’s life. What the fuck? Bill needs to stay away from Sookie already!

Ugh this finale was so not enough. I’m bloody fucking confused. There’s my rant. Is anyone else as frustrated as I am?

True Blood S6 Finale tonight!

All I want to see is one Eric and Sookie scene! Is it so much to ask?!!!! Before we have to wait 9 months for another new season the fans just want Eric and Sookie to have at least one fucking scene together!

True Blood 6x08



Well a lot of shit occurred in this episode. Sam is going to be a daddy. Eric has drunk Warlow’s blood to walk in the sun like Bill can. Sookie is agreeing to be Warow’s vampire bride. Oh and Sarah Newlin is a bitch.

I love Anna Camp. She plays a religious psychotic bitch so well. I absolutely loved the scene where she was running in her heels all over vamp camp. It was one of the most fun scenes to watch this season. It was amusing and gruesome at the same time.

Jason seems to be the only one with something good going on. Violet is possessive sure but at least she treats him fine for a vampire.

Was anyone else hoping that during the scene where Sookie was at home in her pajamas pouring herself a drink that Eric was going to come out of the cubby hole? Or was that just me?

Kudos to Sookie for calling Bill a “motherfucking monster.” I clapped for her. This was a real good episode! What’s going to happen next?