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SDCC 2014 Fucked Up Crazyness Begins tomorrow!

I’m chilling in my LA hotel tonight getting all my electronics ready for San Diego comic con starting tomorrow! The greatest event of the year is finally fucking here!

Thursday most of the day I’ll trying to get all the free swag as well trying to find Benedict Cumberbatch. All I want to see is a glimpse of him! Is that so hard to ask!!! I’ll definetely be at the Penny Dreadful panel. That’s gonna be exciting! The Assassin’s Creed obstacle course is a definite must check out!

Friday sadly there will be no Game of Thrones and Walking Dead for me. You gotta camp out for those panels and plan that shit to see them. Instead I’ll be trying to do the following:

The Originals, Arrow, maybe Bates Motel if possible, and Batman: Assault on Arkham. I gotta see Kevin Conroy!! Also gotta try to see the Assassin’s Creed Unity panel or the Constantine panel. 

Saturday: I’ll be in Ballroom 20 all day. That will include Once Upon a Time, the Vampire Diaries, TV Guide Fan Favorites panel featuring Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black), Sam Heughan (Outlander), Colin O’Donoghue (Once Upon a Time). 

Also on Saturday it will be the last time True Blood will ever be at comic con so that will be a must see. Right after that I will rush over to the American Horror Story panel. I probably won’t get in but I’ll sure as hell will fucking try.

Sunday: It’s all about Sons of Anarchy and their final season. I’ll probably shed some tears when they start talking about Tara. The Strain panel is right after that so I will defintely stick around. 

What should I record for my youtube channel? Any requests?

True Blood 7x04 Fucking Finally

I was dreading another episode of bullshit. Until this happened. 

I was actually crying. Happy fucking tears because this is what we should be seeing this season. Thank you Pam for telling Bill he has no chance with Sookie. That was gold. The writers finally brought an acceptable episode because all the fans want to see is Pam, Eric, and Sookie having scenes together. 

If Bill and Sookie do get together the end of the season I’m gonna forget it happened and look at this episode.

I loved the flashbacks. Ugh that 80’s hair though on Eric was horrible though.

True Blood S7 Premiere ZZZZZZZ trip



Of course the True Blood premiere was boring as hell because Eric was in it. No surprise while watching it. 

Shitty intro with killing Tara right away. Bad fucking idea. Why couldn’t Bill die? Dammit Andy you should have killed him right there. Oh right Brian Buckner is trying to redeem the bastard. 

Tara would have been probably one of the best parts of this season. It’s sad that her character went to waste and that they barely used her in the show last season.

Probably the best part episode was seeing Ryan Kwanten’s lovely behind. 

This start of the season was weak. It’s probably not going to get interesting till Eric shows up.

Wake me up when that happens.

Farewell to True Blood

Finally something about Eric!

Episode 7.03 – Fire in the Hole

Sookie hatches a dangerous plan; Pam looks to motivate Eric.

Episode 7.04 – Sick of Goodbyes

Sookie enlists a band of vampires and humans to track down the H-Vamps.

Episode 7.05 – Return to Oz

Sookie hosts a mainstreaming party; Eric and Pam head to Dallas for a fundraiser.

Episode 7.06 – Karma

Sookie makes a shocking discovery; Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance.

The cast says goodbye to True Blood including Alan Ball and finally Alexander Skarsgard.

I wish Alan Ball would at least write the series finale. 

True Blood S7 footage continues to disappoint

I just threw up in mouth a little a bit when I saw this embrace. 

Just put me out of my misery already. Honestly since the writers have fucking ruined Sookie’s love life all I care is they at least give Pam, Lafayette, and Tara a decent story line. 

I want Pam and Lafayette screen time. 

Of course still no Eric. We probably won’t even see him til three or four episodes in the season. 

promo link:

True Blood S7 finale season trailer

I don’t give a shit about Sookie and Bill flashbacks. Where the fuck is Eric?

HBO releases photos of the final season of True Blood. I dread this season so much.